PM’s decision to change aggressive political strategy


Islamabad: prime minister Imran khan decided to change aggressive political strategy and prevented ministers from talking too much on political issues. The prime minister has instructed the ministers to highlight the government’s performance and work on public interest projects while some consultants and assistants are likely to be removed due to conflict of interest and criticism. Shibli Faraz and Faisal vawda will soon take oath of federal minister, Amir kayani is also likely to return to cabinet again. The prime minister has instructed sheikh Rashid Ahmed to stay active to improve the media strategy. The ministry of interior is also being set up camp office in Lahore. To separate print and electronic media arrangements, a committee has been set up under the leadership of Faisal Javed, while the responsibility for promoting measures on the media has been handed over to Shabli Faraz. According to sources, the prime minister has also forbidden interior minister sheikh Rashid to make a strong statement about the PDM.

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