Rush started on schedule issue


Karachi: a rigging on the issue of PSL schedule started while franchises began to push the PCB.
In Karachi, PSL 6 was postponed after 14 matches due to corona cases, PCB is now looking for suitable dates for the remaining 20 matches, three Windows were revealed in the initial consultation, but now franchises are insisting on holding in March. He says that first look at his event, if the remaining matches are not done yet, it will not be possible to get a proper window, for the IPL, foreign cricketers have to come to India in the first week of April. They can come to Pakistan in the PSL before that, they will be able to see cricket full of competition and the quality of the league will also be maintained, matches will not be possible in the hot heat of June. On May 30, the end of the Indian event, the foreign cricketers will also be tired, starting June 9, the English t20 blast, which will also have to be done before the players, due to other engagements in September and November, it will not be possible for the main foreign cricketers to arrive. Sources said that the Oners have also offered to book the PCB’s full hotel and talk to the South African board officials, as well as assure the full cooperation of the highest personalities in holding the event, but the board does not agree with the proposal. According to sources, authorities have told franchises that it is not possible to postpone an international cricket series in the last moments, it can worsen the relations between the two boards, as well as many other issues including broadcasting, there may be talk from Zimbabwe, but proteas cricketers come in April and may

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