Prime minister Imran khan managed to get the vote of confidence, got 178 votes


Prime minister Imran khan managed to get a vote of confidence from parliament and he got 178 votes. The most important meeting of the national assembly was chaired by speaker national assembly Asad Qaiser, in which the vote of confidence was decided for the prime minister. More than 180 members including prime minister Imran khan, government and allied parties MQM, GDA and q league attended the meeting. Jamaat-e-Islami member maulana Akbar Chitrali and PTM member Mohsin Dawar are also participating in the meeting, but the opposition parties’ alliance PDM has boycotted the meeting and its members are not participating in the meeting. The meeting is being processed under a two-point agenda. After reciting the holy Quran, foreign minister shah Mehmood Qureshi presented a resolution of confidence in the prime minister, which said that it expresses confidence in prime minister Imran khan according to clause 7 of article 91 of the constitution. Also read: how many PTI members and how many of the opposition? The house was divided for voting, before which the bells were played for 5 minutes. After all the members came to the house, all the labels of the national assembly hall were locked.
The speaker, who voted for the prime minister’s confidence, went on the right side of the national assembly with a division number in the lobby. Members with distrust can go with division number in the lobby on the left side of the speaker. Abdul Kabbar Chitrali avoided the voting process and went out of the house while the bells were ringing.
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