Asif zardari,Fawad chaudhry seeks opinion from national assembly and senate on disqualification cases


Islamabad high court seeks opinion from speaker national assembly and chamber senate on hearing disqualified petitions against elected public representatives.Chief justice of the Islamabad high court, athar manullah, heard former President asif zardari and fawad chaudhry’s disqualification cases.Chief justice athar manullah remarked that when there are alternative forums, why should the court intervene in this matter? The parliament’s job is not to involve the courts in such matters of political nature, the speaker also takes the opinion from the national assembly, we ask the speaker national assembly, chairman senate, what is his method of accountability, if the parliament itself makes the system of accountability of elected representatives, the matter can be resolved, it can not be possible to bring any application and start the investigation of the elected representative of the court.The high court asked the speaker national assembly and the chamber senate to hear disqualified petitions against the elected public representatives and asked if there was no forum to solve such cases in parliament. If the forum does not exist, can a standing committee be formed on it? How much authority does the courts have to hear such applications against the elected representatives? We disqualified a foreign minister later he was restored from the Supreme Court, while the people of his constituency were deprived of representation in the assembly.
The court also adjourned the further hearing of the case by issuing notice to the attorney general of Pakistan for the next hearing till April 6.
On hiding assets, pti leader usman dar and khurram sher zaman have filed a petition for disqualification of asif zardari, while fadad chaudhry is requesting to be disqualified

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