Omar Akmal was banned for one year and fined 42 million 50 thousand


Lahore: the global arbitration court imposed a 12-month ban on omar akmal and a fine of rs 42 lakh 50 thousand
The global arbitration court has ruled on appeals filed by Pakistan cricket board omar akmal against the decision of the independent adjudicator. Umar akmal banned for once violating clause 2.4.4 of the PCB code of conduct as per the decision.
Omar akmal, who was suspended on February 20, 2020, will now be eligible to play competitive cricket again by following the rehub program set by the PCB security and anti-corruption department.
The global arbitration court has rejected omar akmal’s request to return two mobile phones. Both of these mobile phones are under the custody of the PCB’s security and diggins department for investigation.
Earlier, on April 27, 2020, the chairman of the independent disciplinary panel imposed a three-year suspension on omar akmal for violating PCB’s anti-corruption code clause 2.4.4 on 2 different occasions.
Umar akmal exercised his right of appeal against the verdict, which was upheld by the independent adjudicator on 29 July 2020 and made the former test batsman’s incompetence 18 months
Against this decision, both the PCB and omar akmal filed an appeal in the global arbitration court, on which the decision has now been heard. The PCB appealed to both the charts and omar akmal to finish.
The PCB has once again instructed all the participants to report any anti-corruption incident immediately in the anti-corruption office so that we can get some of these people.

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